WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE! At last, it is completed (well, almost).  What a fun month it has been preparing Team Therapy SC for opening day!!  So far, I have a business license for an amazing office, fun logos to represent each of our services, and filed Medicaid papers which is a huge accomplishment in itself.  I am still in the process of setting up the office, painting, and gathering fun and innovative therapy materials.  I anxiously await our January opening (TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON) and look forward to serving you and your family.  My excitement grows more and more each day!

MANY THANKS to Ginny McGill, my incredible sister for her time (lots of time) and design expertise.  She designed all of the logos for Team Therapy and customized the layout for our website/online journal.  Her talent and creativity amaze me, and I love how each logo has its own relevant personality.  Just a brief but fun story on their development… My only request was a logo using the Ts from Team Therapy and Talking Turns.  From this idea, Ginny created the “Table” out of the Ts and decided that each service provided at Team Therapy would have its own design with our “Ts Table” used in each logo.  The more we talked about the Table the more we began to realize that it truly encompasses my mission for Team Therapy.  Bring your family to our table, and let’s set out on a Team Adventure to bring more progress, smiles, and fun into therapy!!  Although our therapy does not all take place at a table, the Table will represent our constant goal to provide family-centered care through a team approach.

You can learn more about Ginny’s design services and projects at mh2studios.


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